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  • Business Acumen. Strategy. Talent Management. Leadership

    Learn more about Celemi Apples & Oranges

    Celemi Apples & Oranges

    Finances for all

    Everyone is a winner. A fun way to generate real results. With Apples & Oranges your team will be prepared to make smart financial decisions on a daily basis.

    Learn more about Celemi Decision Base

    Celemi Decision Base

    Pulling in the same direction

    Build intersection collaboration. Understand company's reality. Practice strategic decision making.

    With Decision Base you develop protagonism in your team.

    Learn more about Celemi Tango

    Celemi Tango

    Success through people

    Develop recruiting, selection, and retaining skills for your customers and employees.

    With Tango you combine people and projects in search for success!

  • Strategy. (Intra)Entrepreneurship. Project Success.

    Learn more about Celemi Cayenne

    Celemi Cayenne

    Guarantee Project Success

    Prepare your people to anticipate
    and navigate the heat of
    project opportunities and pitfalls.

    With Cayenne, you get 3 years of Project Management experience in one day.

    Learn more about Celemi Enteprise

    Celemi Enterprise

    Stand out in a VUCA world

    Simulate 8 years of a company competing for the same customers in the marketplace! With Enterprise, teams annually win or lose customers based on the company’s offerings, performance, and brand positioning.

    Learn more about Celemi Performance

    Celemi Performance

    Exercise your business mindset

    Help your employees to think concisely and effectively react in difficult situations. With Performance, you define strategies and analyze personas in search of your company's commercial success.

  • Creativity. Agility. Change Management.

    Learn more about Celemi Medici

    Celemi Medici Game

    Creating disruptive innovation

    Prepare your team to anticipate and navigate the opportunities and challenges of a project. With Medici, you prepare to be successful in any project beyond deadlines and budget.

    Learn more about Celemi Agile Move

    Celemi Agile Move

    Developing an Agile mindset

    Help your employees to develop a project by putting into practice the premises of an agile project. With Agile Move, you will never forget the pillars of the Agile Manifesto!

    Learn more about Celemi Exploring Change

    Celemi Exploring Change

    Navigate change management

    Help your employees to think concisely and act in difficult situations. With Exploring Change you explore a case study with the vision of four different employees!

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