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  • Gamification X Game Design

    What is and how does each one work?


    Gamification Consultancy

    Gamification is using game elements in non-game situations. It uses psychology to create desired behaviors in your desired audience (employees, customers, stakeholders).

    We use the Octalysis Framework in our consultancy to engage your stakeholders in an effective way.

    Game Design

    Development of Serious Games

    Game design is the development of a game (physical or virtual) based on specific content. You can teach soft- and hard-skills to your desired audience using games to teach complex topics in a fun, engaging way.

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  • How can Gamification help?

    Some examples of gamification and game design!

    Customer Fidezation

    Marketing Gamification

    Serious Game Design

    Content Gamification

    Employee Engagement

    Routine Gamification

    New Employees

    Gamification of Onboarding

    Sales Motivation

    Gamification of Sales

    User Experience

    Product & Process Gamification

    Recruitment & Selection

    Recruiting Process Gamification

    Training & Development

    Gamification of Learning


    Career Design Gamification

  • How does it work?

    Our process in simple steps!


    Schedule a Meeting

    A call to understand the reality and see how we can help.

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    Proposal Analysis

    Based on our call, SkilLab consultant's will think and design possible outcomes. Proposal sent!



    We closed the deal. We start our design process together with you. And test our idea/prototype.



    We do the needed adjustments and deliver the solution and it's files. Your success is our success!

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    Games and gamified journeys we developed for our customers

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