Develop your employees in a fun way generating results for your business

Tailor-made training focused on users.​

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We are Experts in Facilitation and Learning​

Training with a high level of engagement and learning retention.​

Courses and Workshops​

Our goal is to provide you or your company with the tools and knowledge you need for professional development.

Instructional Design

Exclusive, effective training that generate results ready for you to apply whenever you want.

Group Dynamic

If done with purpose and strategy, they can be a powerful tool in building teams, areas or organizations.

Modeling of
Organizational Culture

Modeling culture goes far beyond discovering its mission, vision and values, it is a continuous process of developing people and processes that involves a lot of listening and co-creation.


We were born from the facilitation of groups. It is in our values ​​to use collaboration and dialogue and co-creation methodologies to develop individuals and organizations.

Business Simulations​

In these games, participants can simulate a project or enterprise in a period of 3 to 10 years that pass between 4 and 24 hours. We are representatives of Celemi and Cesim solutions in the Americas.

Our Clients

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SkilLab, Inc. 2023

We operate fully remote. Incorporated in Delaware.