SkilLab wants to develop people

And that goes to both our internal actions and to those who interact with us. For this purpose, we are equipped with techniques that involve two very important concepts: learning and engagement.

We create events, bootcamps, structured workshops that have a more individualized follow-up with a focus on the participants. In addition to gamification and game design, always keeping in mind the focus on developing healthier and more fun environments, we aim, through these techniques, to generate positive results for corporations.

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Behavior Change

Gamification has already helped to revolutionize the way employees work or retain customers. Find out more about our approach and how we can help you increase engagement!

Corporate Training

Workshops in Company
(or Remote)

Tailored trainings focused on the users. Our network of experts gives lectures to workshops on innovation, diversity, soft-skills, organizational culture and much more!

Business Simulations

Celemi Business Simulations

SkilLab is an international partner of Celemi, one of the largest gamification and learning companies in the world! Check out the solutions and learn while having fun!


Game Design

Learning can be Fun

Have you ever thought how gambling is part of our lives? From football matches to board games and electronics. Games are an immersive way of living and learning. Create your corporate games!

Design Thinking

Design Products and Processes

You have probably heard of Design Thinking, but do you know how to apply it to your business? Whether to develop products, processes or your team, we can help you!

Team Building

Develop Collaboration

There is no use talking about collaboration and not investing in the relationship of your employees. We have a large portfolio of group dynamics for team building, essential for your event or strategy!

Instructional Design

Design Effective Training

Instructional Design became very famous with EaD platforms and the 6Ds method, but it goes far beyond that. With it, we help you list training needs, create schedules and format and evaluate!



Develop Culture and Innovation

We were born from the facilitation of groups. It is in our values to use collaboration and methodologies of dialogue and co-creation to develop individuals and organizations.



Business Strategy

If you’re looking to take your service business to the next level, this is for you. Service business strategy consulting will help you develop a sustainable competitive advantage and grow your business.


The Power of Learning

We are representatives of Celemi in more than 35 countries in the Americas.


people trained with Celemi Simulations




solving challenges with our simulations


customer satisfaction


Develop Strong Business Acumen Through Gamified Learning

Celemi was born in Sweden in 1985 and today it has more than 15 business simulators (interactive case studies) tailored to help your team to develop technical and socioemotional skills. Just like this, your company thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complete and ambiguous world. It was voted among the 20 best gamification companies in the world by the Training Industry in 2018 and 2019!

Chaosa Institute is now SkilLab Foundation

Social Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility

Chaosa Institute is a social impact organization that helps SkilLab making the world better. A part of all our services, as well as part of our employees' dedication, go to the organization, which today impacts more than 1000 people a year in a situation of economic and / or social vulnerability.

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